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The Sepulcher of the Scipios

Our visit takes us to the countryside – or what was countryside two thousand years ago.  (A fact that is difficult to imagine when one sees how Rome’s exponential growth in the modern era impacted the greenbelts that once surrounded it…)  Near the Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas on the Via Latina is the Sepulcher of the Scipios on the Via Appia.  While the famous war-hero Scipio Africanus is probably buried at his country estate in Liternum, the Sepulcher near Rome hosts his closest relatives and descendants.   Thanks to a century and a half of burials, there are multiple funerary inscriptions that document the political involvement of the Scipio family as well as cultural and linguistic evolution in an important transition period (i.e. the last centuries of the Republic).



While the Sepulcher of the Scipios and the Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas pair up nicely with each other and other underground attractions (like San Clemente, Vicus Caprarius, and / or the Nymphaeum of Annibaldi), visitors are welcomed to pair them up with any other tours they think appropriate.

Visiting the site requires a special permission and a timed (private) entrance. Besides a 4 euro / per person ticket, there is a one-time euro 20 reservation surcharge.  For more information, please see "the costs" section of this webpage.

Both attractions are slightly out of town. Using a taxi to travel to and from them is comfortable and easy. If one or more of these attractions are paired up with the Via Appia, the nearby hill-towns of Frascati, or other attractions outside of the historic center, it may make sense to rely on a private driver. Please ask for more information!