Buried Treasure

What does your favorite Rome guide do now that she is virtually unemployed?  The short answer is I’ve been tidying up a book on the Roman Forum that I would like to have published as soon as possible – [...]

Rome in the Time of the Coronavirus, March 12th 2020

This blog is for all those open-hearted travelers who have adopted me and, therefore, thought about me over the last several weeks, sending expressions of concern and affection.  This blog is also for the curious, who want an insider’s [...]

Twenty-five years of Rome… January 26th, 2020

I came to Rome for my last semester of college.  It was the end of January, 1995.  I was young(ish) and unprepared for the experience.  (More unprepared than young!)  My expectations of the Eternal City were based on black [...]

Give an Experience: Give a Tour Bonus!

Giving a unique gift is a thrill.  So contribute to part of a newly-wedded relative’s honeymoon.  Invest in your kids’ first solo trip to Europe.  Or help close friends celebrate an anniversary in a memorable and educative way.  Donate a [...]