The Roman Forum: From Outpost to Empire in Ten Easy Centuries

Why This Guidebook on the Roman Forum? What makes the guidebook The Roman Forum: From Outpost to Empire in Ten Easy Centuries so important?  Well, it's reader-friendly.  For example, I tackled the history of [...]

Your Intrepid Guide Hikes Hadrian’s Wall, September 2023

Why I Planned to Hike Hadrian’s Wall, The Backstory: I wanted to hike Hadrian’s Wall as far back as 7th grade.  Not as if I knew anything about hiking.  Or Hadrian's Wall.  Or ancient Roman history [...]

Reasons to Visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel – or Not.

At the end of 2022, I refused to renew my yearly pass to work as a guide in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, visiting the Vatican Museums and Sistine had become unpleasant.  Really unpleasant.  [...]

S.P.Q.R.: The Empire Lives On!

Why talk about S.P.Q.R.?  Well, as the Western world collapses around us, TicTok reveals that men think about the Roman Empire daily.  I can't vouch for men.  But I know I think about it frequently!  And one of my [...]

Rome-Ostia on Foot: If Ancient Romans Did It…

Part 1: I was Young, Married, and Foolish I’ve always enjoyed walking and, in my late-twenties, I learned to love jogging.  Somewhere along the way I purchased a book called A Piedi nel Lazio (On foot [...]

Paestum mid-September 2020

Mid-September rolled around and I still hadn’t gone on vacation.  Correction: I still hadn’t traveled anywhere.  I had maintained a spectacular track record until this year: Jordan in January, 2013; archeological sites in Spain for a month in [...]