Are you looking for tours of ancient and imperial Rome? Where to begin! Of course, there’s the classic Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine visit. And Daniella can customize those sites into a half-day or a full-day tour, depending on your interests and stamina. But that tour just skims the surface of ancient and imperial Rome!

Underground Rome tours are a fun and unusual way of exploring the ancient and imperial city. San Clemente, the so-called “lasagna church,” is famous for its layers. They’ll take down circa 40 under the modern street level and back to the ancient world and its myriad religions. The Vicus Caprarius instead is a marvelous photo of imperial Rome and its infrastructure. Other underground Rome tours include ancient and imperial sites that require a special permission, like the Mithraic sanctuary under the Circus Maximus or the Fountain under Via degli Annibaldi.

But tours of Ostia Antica or Hadrian’s Villa near Tivoli are two other ways of exploring ancient and imperial era themes. After all, Ostia is an entire ancient city–similar to Pompeii, but much closer to Rome! During our tour there, you’ll better understand middle-class life in antiquity. Hadrian’s Villa is instead the opposite. We’ll tour the imperial palace the emperor had built in the countryside near Rome. In a sense, it’s an administrative city. There the emperor and his court lived, worked, and received ambassadors. The villa includes baths, dining halls, libraries, and housing interspersed with well-manicured gardens and fountains.