If you’re looking for great private tours in Rome, look no further! Over the last 20 years, Daniella Hunt has focused her attention on Rome’s history, art, architecture, and antiquity… Not to mention food, culture, language, and wine!

So, Daniella looks forward to helping you build a tour or several tours that satisfy your curiosity, answer your questions, and help immerse you in Rome. She’ll take you back in time to the Roman Empire, so that you can chat with Emperor Vespasian about his iconic creation, the Colosseum.  Or you’ll revel in Rome’s early Christian art in atmospheric churches. Daniella will take you to the splendid Renaissance Villa Farnesina to meet its big-spender owner.  And, you’ll bump into her friends Bernini, Borromini, and wily Caravaggio as you stroll through Baroque Rome. Consider her day trips as well… Your options range from the ancient city of Ostia Antica to the late Renaissance gardening glory Villa d’Este in Tivoli.  Just like many travelers before you, you’ll love every visit!