With Daniella Hunt’s private tours, you’ll time travel to Medieval Rome. There you’ll discover values, architecture, and art that broke with those of the Roman Empire. Yet at times, the Middle Ages was also an incredible continuation of the empire… For example, the word “basilica” inspires thoughts of Christian churches. But, in reality, Christian basilicas descended from ancient Roman basilicas whose functions were purely secular! I’d say that’s a great example of continuity–and change!

During these private tours through Medieval Rome you’ll also see how the earliest Christian art was an extension of the art of the late empire. The Churches of Santa Pundenziana and Santa Maria Maggiore are fantastic examples of this continuity.  And that makes sense, since the former built and decorated at the end of the 4th century A.D., while the later dates to the early 5th century. But wait another one hundred years and Roman art will be overwhelmed by new Byzantine styles, that the overlords and generals of the Eastern Empire brought with them, as they fought to rid Rome and Italy of Gothic invaders. The style would last roughly a millennium and is exemplified by both the Churches of Santa Prassede and San Clemente. And there’s still so much more to discuss and consider!