Corinna has sent me small groups of travelers on a regular basis for years.  In the beginning, I was surprised by her passion for Rome — but I got used to it quickly!  When we meet up for drinks at my local bar, our encounters resemble cultural boxing matches.  She’ll ask about the Emperor Diocletian.  “Yeah, okay,” she rebuts, “but surely Constantine was better…”  One round of spritz segues into a second.  Even after I spend ages slamming Constantine (what?, move the capital of the Empire?!), she still has the mental acumen to absorb every word I say, digest it, and re-elaborate it after doing research on her own.

She surprised me most of all by turning her passion for Rome into a book.  When she gave me my copy, she wrote a beautiful dedication and then mumbled something like, “Please don’t read it. I’m afraid you won’t like it!”  I didn’t like it; I loved it.  It broke with the tired trend, creating and filling a new sort of niche.  There is no litany of names and dates.  Forget Rome’s Top Ten attractions.  You know, the ones you have to see…  In their place, Corinna delivers enthusiasm, memorable stories, and insight.  She also gives you the occasional adorable typographical error and one or two bits of historical misinformation.  That’s inevitable when you crunch 3000 years of history into one user-friendly and upbeat book…  Why buy the reprint of the reprint of that big-name (and dry) guidebook?  Enjoy 101 Fabulous Things to Do in Rome!

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